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Guaranteed gluten-free products


Gluten-free Buckwheat Flakes 500g

Buckwheat flakes have been specially designed for people who are intolerant to gluten. Certified gluten-free, our…


Gluten-free rolled oats 500g

Oats are often wrongly considered to be a gluten containing cereal, because in France they are frequently…


Gluten-free buckwheat Muesli 500g

Treat yourself to this muesli, with its delicious buckwheat flakes and puffed buckwheat with honey. This muesli is…


Gluten-Free Muesli + 500g

This delicious muesli made from gluten-free cereals isn’t just ideal for people with a gluten intolerance (coeliac…


Krounchy® Coconuts Goji 375g

The taste of Asia (coconut and goji berries) comes to breakfast, accompanied by millet flakes. An early morning,…


Krounchy® Gluten-free Chestnut 500g

Chestnut Krounchy® is a crunchy mixture of cereals to give you the energy to start the day and to “hold on”…